A Return to Star Wars Galaxies


I started playing Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) back in 2003 not longer after the launch of the Chimaera European server. At that time SWG was a subscription MMO that required  a monthly payment to play with your first month being free. I was impressed, confused as to what I was doing, but impressed. A played for around 5 years and even subscribed two accounts. But circumstances change, I moved house and didn’t have a stable broadband connection for a number of years so I lapsed my subscription and never returned.

Sony Online Entertainment shutdown the SWG servers for good on December 15th 2011.

That was it.


Never again would I have the chance to craft clothing or travel the galaxy with a Nalargon.

I was wrong.

I had heard about the SWG Emu Project but I’d never really given it much thought until about three months ago.

I don’t know why but I visited swgemu.com and downloaded the launcher. I dusted off my old SWG installation discs and installed the game. I haven’t looked back. I don’t play SWG now as much as I used to but it is still an epic game. So much fun to be had, you see SWG is a sandbox MMO – A whole set of worlds and environments for you to explore and have fun with, no forced content, no raids, nothing like that. Remember SWG pre-dates World of Warcraft.

I’ve joined a guild, Aldur, and made some new friends. Some of these are SWG veterans others are just discovering SWG for the first time but we are all having fun.

I’m crafting again and travelling with a Nalargon again.

My old logo for Travels With A Nalargon






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