Travels With A Nalargon


I first started this little Star Wars Galaxies project back when I was taking a break from the Chimaera galaxy. Back then you could only have one character per galaxy, as I didn’t want to delete my current character (Atlantiss, Rifleman & Creature Handler) I decided that the best thing to do was move to the Infinity galaxy. So I did.

I created another female Twi’lek called Atlantiss and set her up as an entertainer which over time I master along with the other three entertainer professions – Image Designer, Dancer and Musician. It was musician that interested me the most and the instrument that got me really hooked was the Nalargon.

This was the instrument that Max Rebo played in Jabba’s place, when I was younger I thought it was a fantastic keyboard and would really have liked one. I eventually got my wish although not quite how I wanted!

You’ll never see many other entertainers in Star Wars Galaxies actually playing a Nalargon anymore. This is a shame, the problem is many people create and master the entertainer professions for the sole purpose of providing a buffing service. Many of these entertainers play the game away from keyboard (AFK) and leave the character logged in while they play on a different one – or doing something else entirely.

Like my old webpage these travels with my Nalargon with be a photo blog highlighting some of the wonderful places around the various planets. I expect to die – a lot – but it will be worth it.

My character this time is called Meridia (or Meri for short). As you can see she is a lovely bright green Twi’lek and the matching droid is called Dazzler.

So, as this is my first entry I thought it would be nice to start with a really safe place – The Clothing Boutique on Tatooine. I do hope that you enjoy my photo diary around the planets and places of Star Wars Galaxies!


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