A Visit to Coronet

Well, here I am on Corellia and I find myself in Coronet, the Capital City. The sight that greeted me when I left the starport was a most interesting one. I can only wonder if what I saw is a common occurance. A mighty beast was stood there! A very surprising sight indeed!


Not one to be put off by such sights, as strange as it was to my eyes, I have ventured forth and found a handy Nalargon just waiting to be played, and played it I did. So far this planet seems to have more vegetation that Tatooine. I soon set off and had a look around.

I soon came across this rather nice park, a lovely place to play my Nalargon. Dazzler agreed.

After being outside I located the local Cantina, it was rather busy around the main entrance but venturing further inside I found another Nalargon enthusiast!

I was delighted to find another Twi’lek like myself playing away so I setup my equipment. I would have liked to have duelled with her but she didn’t appear to be taking much notice of me. A pity as it would’ve been great fun.

I think I will stay on Corella and explore. I hear that Bela Vistal and Vreni Island are nice places.

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