Bela Vistal

After my visit to Coronet City I jumped on a shuttle and headed to Bela Vistal as I’d heard some wonderful stories about it’s mountain location. I was very impressed when I stepped off the shuttle.


It was night, but what an incredible view. WOW!

I’d heard about the Crystal Fountain of Bela Vistal so before heading to a hotel for the night I decided to go in search of it. It wasn’t far away and was well worth coming to Bela Vistal to see. A very impressive water feature!

It was getting late now so it was time to get some rest. While I was getting ready for bed I noticed some literature detailing trips into the mountains, something I would do the very next day.

I was glad that I had a guide for my trip into the mountains as the day started off rather gloomy and overcast and with some of the paths not very clear and the terrain being quite treacherous in places it wouldn’t have been safe to go alone.

A stunning view overlooking Bela Vistal!

The day did improve and I was able to get some even more impressive photographs of the view.

Before I left Bela Vistal for Vreni Island I wanted to see the Crystal Fountain once again, this time before the sun set. I was glad I did as it is even more impressive in the light.

What a place! What a place! The majestic beauty of Bela Vistal is true delight, one I would highly recommend seeing when your on Corellia.


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