Wookiee Life Day

After an extended break in Bela Vistal I decided to head to Vreni Island and check out the Grand Theatre that I had heard about. I was heading to see the theatre when I bumped into a kindly Wookiee whom explained about the Annual Life Day Celebration.

He suggested that I should partake and sent me off to the Forest Moon of Endor!

I can sometimes be quite scatty so in my excitement and curiosity I forgot why I had come to Vreni Island and headed straight to Endor!

Upon arrival on Endor it became very clear why it’s called the Forest Moon. Trees, very tall trees, and shrubbery everywhere. Peering off into the forest I wasn’t sure what to expect but the sounds made me quite nervous and very jumpy.


I decided to be cautious.

Normally I would whizz around at full tilt on my speeder but I didn’t want to bring any undue attention to myself so I took it slowly as the sounds of the dense forest were starting to freak me out.

I decided to ditch the speeder and walk. I figured that if I was careful I might blend in – after all I am green! I’ve no idea what some of the sounds were or what was making them but I did spot some wildlife that didn’t appear to want to eat me.

I managed to sneak past without being noticed and was soon at the location the kindly Wookiee on Corellia had directed me to visit.

matriarchI spoke to the various Wookiees in attendance and learnt about why they where on Endor and the importance of Life Day in the Wookiee culture. Afterwards I was presented with a gift, a nice painting of a Wookiee

I couldn’t leave the kindly Wookiees without giving them a little a show so Dazzler and I gave them a quick performance.


I’ve headed back to the starport and I will stay on Endor for the evening before deciding my next move, do I explore this moon more or head to somewhere safer?

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