Endorian Explorations

After heading back to the Smuggler Outpost and safety I did indeed decide that I wanted to explore more of Endor. I figured that I could avoid anything that looked or sounded like it thought I was it’s breakfast.

I asked some of the people around the outpost if they have heard of anywhere that would be suitable for someone like myself to explore.

A kindly denizen of the outpost gave me some directions to a lake that he thought would be to my liking and he also suggested that I should setup a camp there and perhaps try and catch a few fish.


After I explained to him that I had no knowledge of camping or fishing he generously offered to show my how to setup a simple camp and provided me with a Fishing Rod and also some bait!

How very kind.

Before I set off to the lake I figured I should give my new friend some early evening entertainment.

I’m not sure if he enjoyed the little show but I left for the lake happier that I had learnt some new skills that I hoped would prove to be useful.

The lake was a little further away than I expected it to be, but I arrived safely and looked for a nice spot along the shoreline to setup my camp – an ideal opportunity to practice my camp making skills.

I was tired after the journey and having somewhere I that I could relax was a great benefit to Dazzler and I. I’d been told that setting up a camp would also keep some of the native Endorian wildlife away, an added bonus!

I couldn’t resist banging out a tune.

I was enjoying myself immensely!

After a short break I took out my fishing rod and decided to try my luck. I’ve never fished before so I was delighted that after a few failed attempts I did indeed manage to catch a fish!!

As it was getting late and I was getting hungry I just couldn’t resist cooking the fresh fish that I had caught – a delightful change from travel rations.

A lovely evening meal in gorgeous surroundings. The dusty sands of Tatooine seem like a distant memory.

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