Ewok Adventure

I’m having a lot of fun on Endor. The lush vegetation and the rich densely packed forests are a joy to explore. After my trip to the nearby lake I returned to the smuggler outpost to inquire more about this Forest Moon. I was informed that I should seek out the native Ewoks. Friendly, inquisitive creatures apparently.

I took a shuttle trip to the Research Base located to the south as this would put me close to several nearby Ewok settlements, especially a Lakeside Village.

So off I went to find this village of the Ewoks.

I came up a small bridge that was being guarded by two Ewoks, looking to my left I saw what I had seeked – the Lake Village. In my delighted glee I was unable to resist playing my Nalargon on the bridge. I had hoped it would cheer up the funny looking creatures but they remained quite emotionless.

I am very impressed that these not-so-cute little creatures were able to build such an impressive village over the lake. They look very primitive creatures but I suspect that they are more cunning and capable than they appear to be.

While this was an impressive construction I couldn’t help but feel these little creatures weren’t as curious or inquisitive as I had been led to believe. No matter. It was a lovely location to play my Nalargon and also try my hand at fishing again! I caught a couple of fish and some old shoes!

It was getting late, as the Research Outpost was only a short drive away I headed back there for the evening and to plan my next move. I figured that I would have one last adventure on Endor but needed some advice and inspiration….

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