The Kong Beast

Back at the Smuggler Outpost I found myself talking to an old Miner called Willy. He was a very enthusiastic talker, I suppose the free alcohol helped. His told me his tale, a journey of high risk, adventure and rich rewards. I wasn’t convinced that he was being entirely truthful and I was humouring him for the most part but his recollection of an encounter with the Kong Beast, as he called it, deep within the Endorian Forest drove him into a wild frenzy, it was a crazy sight to behold – a Manic Miner.


Willy was very insisting that it was all true. I was intrigued, my last adventure on Endor and I wanted it to be a good one. So I decided that I would try and track down this mysterious Kong Beast, first though I needed more information as I couldn’t rely solely on the maniacal ramblings of old Willy. Could anyone else provide me with more details?

I asked around.

It’s a myth I was told, tales of a creature referred to by more sane locals as the Gorax. It lives, according to the tales, past the deep forests and in the barren plains that surround the high mountains rarely venturing down into the dense forest. I made my plans and packed for an extended journey.

An extended journey it was.

I headed in a rough North-westerly direction towards the highlands. The journey though the forest was unusually quiet. I would normally expect to see some of the wildlife of Endor but not today. A sign of a greater danger I wondered?

After a time I reached the edge of the forest and decided to rest before heading upwards. What I saw stretching upwards was a strange sight.

After resting for an hour I moved on and upwards into the highlands of Endor, but I can not deprive you of the view looking back down the very strange slope that I had ascended.


What had carved this into the hillside? If this was a natural occurrence then consider my mind truly blow away. Onwards though, my quest to locate the mysterious Gorax hadn’t even begun.

I had no idea where to look other than in these highland plains and mountains. What was the best course of action, the best way to search? I figured that I would just go and explore!

After the rich, lush and dense forest the highland made for a dramatic change. Barren, rocky and devoid of vegetation. I was astonished at the difference. No rich green trees here, no colourful plants and vegetation. Even the little amount of water didn’t seem inviting.

For over three days and nights I explored the highlands and the mountains. I found age old ruins, abandoned camps and a small uninhabited village. But alas I did not find the Gorax.

I was exhausted, mentally drained and disappointed. Perhaps the Gorax is legend, a myth. Who knows. In time I will return to Endor to continue my adventure but for now it is time to move on to pastures new.


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Authors note:

For the curious, those not of a certain age or indeed geographical location, some of the references in this post might have eluded you. To help you understand and perhaps learn a little of gaming history I provide you with the following additional material:





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