After leaving the lush forest moon of Endor I headed back to Corellia for some much need rest and relaxation. I was having my wounds tended to in the medical centre and having a general chit-chat with the doctors and other patrons about my travels. It was suggested to me that I should head to Rori, a moon of Naboo, for a change of pace.

Not having a new destination in mind Rori seemed like an ideal choice. I healed up, relaxed and rested and then headed to Naboo on the first shuttle that was heading there. I landed in Theed but didn’t stop to explore as my destination was Narmle, a city in the southern area of Rori.

I arrived late at night. Not really the best time of day to arrive anywhere when you are looking to explore. Oh well. After bedding down for the night I got up early eager to explore this new city.

My lodgings were just on the outskirts of the city and the sun was still rising when Dazzler and I left to explore. I headed just a short distance away from the edge of the city curious to see what sights awaited me on this moon.

It wasn’t long before I bumped into a local setting up for the day, a Teras Kasi Master waiting for his students to arrive. What a lovely area for them to study in – and also a lovely area to play my instrument of choice.

As the sun was rising higher into the daytime sky I took my leave of the wise master and continued to explore the city. I came across some very old looking Gungan Architecture located behind the starport.

A most impressive sight, I shall be on the lookout for more when I venture out to properly to discover what treasures this moon hides, but for now the city was calling to me.

I spent the rest of the day having a good look around the city and taking in it’s wonderful sights. A delightful city to explore although the local militia looked a tad shifty. Still there was no trouble even if they did give me the odd funny look!

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