Speeding Around Rori

I rolled my chance cube. Red for north and blue for south. Where would I go today?


The chance cube had stopped with a blue side face up. Without wasting any time I jumped on my speeder and whizzed off out of Narmle for a new adventure curious about what I would find.

The trees surrounding Narmle quickly cleared and spread out in front was a vast wetland area shrouded in mist. Visibility was low, caution was on the agenda today.


I hadn’t travelled far when I spied some creatures in the mist, what where they? I ventured forth for a closer look. Spiders! After encountering some rather nasty spiders on Endor I wasn’t feeling overly adventurous but I crept forward for a closer look anyway. They didn’t seem that bothered by my presence.

I moved on, not wanting to waste the daylight that was pushing through the mist. Low wetland, surrounded by tall hills and ridges. An area of contrast veiled in the mists.

Heading further south I arrived at a Imperial Encampment. I wasn’t sure that the Imperial forces would let me near the base, after all they distrust non-human species. Still, I am always curious so I made my way towards the base.

To my surprise they didn’t seem at all bothered by this bright green Twi’lek and her trusty droid, Dazzler, being there. I suppose they would just blast us if they thought we were trouble causers! Or perhaps they needed some entertainment, a distraction, from the daily routine. Who knows – I wasn’t asking.

A very fortified place, I wouldn’t think any rebels would stand a chance against them. I was starting to loose the light. I didn’t want to stay in the Imperial Encampment so I headed west to seek out shelter for the evening. A cave maybe, or a covered glade where I could camp.

I found a cave, but I wasn’t going to risk staying there!

Pygmy Tortons!

While they were certainly smaller than their larger relatives they are still rather large. I didn’t fancy getting squashed by them. So I moved on. Darkness was falling quickly and I was running out of options. A shaded area to camp for the evening was needed.

I was in luck, a suitable area wasn’t far away. So here I will spend the night and continue my speeding around Rori another day.

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2 thoughts on “Speeding Around Rori

  1. Loved reading that – Every day I find myself travelling around the wilds of Talus. If you’re passing by with your Nargalon, drop into our cantina in Riverbend, 1.3 klicks NE of Dearic.

    1. Thanks for reading. I will certainly pop in and jam my Nalargon when I’m passing. Perhaps we could arrange a Nalargon jam session with other musicians 😀

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