It’s Grim Up North

Does the fog ever lift on this moon of Naboo? It gives everything a very erie, creepy feeling. I can’t say that I slept very well last night as there was a niggling feeling that something was going happen. Even having Dazzler keeping watch didn’t do anything to make me feel better.

When the morning light started to poke through the foggy haze I packed up my camp and headed North. I wanted to get out of this creepy fog laced forest and find some open space as I was feeling quite claustrophoic. I didn’t feel like this on Endor, and the forest there was far more dense.

As the sun grew higher in the sky I had hope that the fog would lift but, stubborn as a grumpy wookiee, it refused to move. Cold, grey and wet it was starting to get on my nerves.

At least I was now out in more open spaces the view wasn’t to my liking but i’m not a weather wizard so I just had to put up with it. I can’t have good weather everywhere I go can I?

I came across a group of people whom appeared to be besieged by a rather large, mixed, group of animals. What had they done to earn the wrath of nature? Poachers? Perhaps they had pushed their luck a little too far and the local wildlife decided to fight back. The poachers look well armed but given the size of the wild army I’d wager my credits on a win for them.

I moved on not wanting to get caught up in the crossfire should either side attack.

The weather didn’t improve much, in fact it got a whole lot worse. Rain, lots of rain. I made camp in the hope that it was only going to be a brief shower. I’m sure this place doesn’t like me as the rain lasted for several hours. I needed more shelter. Up ahead I spied a grove of trees that I hoped would provide some cover.

I reached the tree line and took shelter under a low hanging tree. I hadn’t been there for very long as I was still unpacking the camp when the rain eased. Typical. The sun was getting low in the sky, not wanting to spend another night in a potentialy creepy forest I carried moving forward hoping the forest would break and I would find somewhere suitable to rest.


Through the fading light and mist I caught a glimpse of some stone ruins, and some Gungans. I had heard that the Gungans whom had settled on Rori weren’t too fond of strangers. I didn’t want to spook them so I camped nearby for the evening.

When morning came I decided to try my luck, how close could I get before they decided I wasn’t a welcomed vistor? Some of the perimieter guards were quite happy to let me wander around provided I didn’t get too close. Still, this place looked quite magnificent and I wanted a closer look. I spent the dat sneaking around as best as I could. I was sure they knew I was there, after all, a Twi’lek, her droid and a Nalargon aren’t the easiest things to hide.

As darkness fell I figured that I should move on.

So did the Gungans.



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