R & R in Savareen

So the Gungans were spooked and I got killed.

I woke up in the clone centre of a nearby city, Savareen, I decided it would be a good time to put my feet up and relax. I deserved some proper me time after my recent trek. I found a hotel nearby, the Suum Ca’nara Resort. A lovely place.


They were having a quiet peroid so I had the run of the hotel and was able to pick my own room, which was rather nice. I couldn’t resist the room with the picture of the Twi’lek as it made me feel quite welcomed. The droid on the reception suggested that I should try the spa. It was wonderful. Relaxing in warm, running water was a true delight to my aching body after my recent extertions.

I wasn’t in the mood to explore too much, as I just wanted to rest but I had to see if there was a local cantina. I found one, The Inferno, not far away from the hotel.

It lived up to its name! Fire everywhere!! Surprisingly it wasn’t hot inside, just a nice comfortable temperature. As there was nobody around I was unable to resist using the stage to entertain myself, secretly hoping that I might catch the ear or the eye of someone. Perhaps one day I will put on a show in a cantina or a theatre where I am the main headline.

Not today though, not today.

Rest and relaxation today….


perhaps the next day too!



3 thoughts on “R & R in Savareen

  1. Hello! Amillo Halcyon, Corellian Extraordinaire and Savareen City Councilman here. We all love the article and we are sorry we didn’t catch you while you were here! Please stop by anytime you like again, and perhaps visit our forums to check out the goings on!

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for popping in and commenting. I only explored the city a little, I really need some downtime! I’ll be exploring Savareen a little more before I leave Rori and move on to my next destination. Whomever did the decoration in the Hotel needs a medal, amazing work. The place is fantastic. The Inferno was also a fun spot, I can imagine you have some great events in there!

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