Dangerous Days

I spent a long week enjoying my relaxation in Savareen. I’d earnt it after all. Nights spent in the local cantinas and restaurants while the days were spent recovering from the night time excesses. I was having a blast, but all good things must end and it was time for this Twi’lek to move on.

It was hard to leave, but my journey across the stars needed to continue however I wasn’t sure where to go next. Heading to the starport it occurred to me that I quite liked random chance so when I did arrive there I asked a random stranger if she would buy me a ticket to somewhere fun and exotic. I didn’t look at my travel ticket, perhaps I should have, before I jumped on the shuttle that she indicated I should take.

I was the only passenger.

Perhaps that should’ve been a further warning sign that I wasn’t headed anywhere friendly. Random chance eh?

As it turned out the shuttle was heading to Dathomir on a supply run. Wonderful.

I arrived, as I always appear to do, at night. Not knowing what to expect I stepped outside into the Trade Outpost to take in my current surroundings as best I could.


More fog, but unlike the fog i had encountered on Rori this was much denser and actually felt heavy as it surrounded me. I had a quick look around, not wanting to venture far from the safety of the outpost just yet as I’d heard stories of witches and monstrous brutes that would eat you whole. Not the kind of place I should really be exploring on my own.

I was here though and what kind of adventurer would I be if I wasn’t going to take some massive massive risks at times? I was sure that this planet would test me. It did, it started to rain. Rain like I’d never seen before, so much of it, thick and fast accompanied by loud, deafening roars of thunder and the brightest lightning shooting across the sky.

I spent the night in the local Tavern. It was warm and dry and it provided me with the opportunity to learn more about Dathomir from the outposts residents. What could I expect when I leave to explore this unfriendly place. A whole world of pain and suffering apparently. The stories I’d heard were true – real and very nasty witches and wildlife that would treat me as a quick snack.

I needed to be careful and take things very slowly as I didn’t want to be a snack!

I headed south-east on the advisement from the locals, it was my safest option as I would be avoiding an area controlled by the Singing Mountain Clan, A nasty group of witches whom via for dominance of Dathomir with the Nightsisters. For all I knew I was being directed towards them and as my current run of luck wasn’t the best I didn’t know if I should head that way or not.

I headed off in the direction indicated very hesitant about the dangers that I would encounter in the days ahead. Rain, more rain and thunder. I hoped that it would ease off as the day wore on. While I could make a camp to take shelter from the weather I wasn’t sure that was a good idea as I am convinced it wouldn’t keep me safe from the local wildlife.

I headed on, deeper into the woodland, up and down some extremely rough terrain and across open grassland. I hadn’t seen any of these people eaters or the witches and I was very thankful for that. The rain eased and the day brightened, perhaps my run of luck was changing for the better once again.

I headed down into more woodland for a break as I was getting hungry and thirsty it was also an opportunity to dry my clothes. The forest eventually gave way to small lake with a quite beautiful waterfall. I set-up a camp close to the shoreline and went for a closer look.

I hadn’t seen much wildlife on my journey so far and I was feeling better about staying out in the wilds of Dathomir for an extended period of time. I will spend the night in my camp, hopefully safe by the shoreline and continue my explorations another day.

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