The Danger of Dathomir

Dathomir is not a nice place.

Rough, harsh terrain, creepy fog shrouded forests and open land veiled in mist. It is a nightmare to traverse safely. Many times I found myself turning around to seek out a safer route – to where though I couldn’t tell you as I was driving to save my skin on more often than not!

There is a strange beauty to this evil place though with its unique flora and fauna, bent misshapen trees and the strange and deadly beasts found almost everywhere I went. There are not many inhabitants of this evil place that want to kill you or eat you. I’m not surprised many people don’t travel to this place.

I was here though and the supply shuttle would not be returning any time soon. I wasn’t going to head back to the safety of the Trade Outpost while I waited, oh no, not this adventuring Twi’lek.

I left Misty Falls after a spot of fishing, I wanted some real food to eat and not the basic rations I had with me. After eating some of my catch I carried on in the easterly direction I had been heading, keen to see if there was anything exciting waiting to be discovered.

It was getting darker but I spied what appeared to be a wreckage peaking out of the mist. I ventured forward towards the object but didn’t get to close as I spied a very large group of creatures.Where they friendly? I didn’t know, but given the vicious nature of most creatures on Dathomir I wasn’t going to take any chances. I circled round keeping my distance before locating a spot I stop and observe.

There were lots of these creatures, too many to count But I really wanted a closer look so I changed into my basic, but gorgeous, armour and moved closer. I edged slowly towards the wreckage not wanting to draw attention to myself.

Then they struck, a gaggle of creatures surged towards me. I tried, but failed to run away. They were a lot faster than me and caught me easily.

I woke up in the Cloning Centre back in the Trade Outpost.

Dangerous days, on a dangerous planet. But isn’t life about taking some risks? I rested and healed for a short while pondering what I should do. There is more to see, of course there is, as I hadn’t seen much of this planet yet. I took a shuttle to the Science Outpost that was further to the south.


I was informed that if I headed south the forests would make way for barren, rocky terrain and vile, noxious  tar pits. What could I do but go and look for myself….

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