Star Wars Galaxies: Tailor Catalogue

The Clothing Boutique
Tailoring Catalogue

Below you will find easy to read sections that display the various clothing items that we can make along with colour charts and also information about bio-engineered tissue enhancements.

Before you dive into the main meat of the catalogue let us provide you with a very brief overview of what you will see and what the information displayed means.


Grand Healers Robe Item Name
8000cr Item Cost
Body: 255 Colour
Trim: 48 Colour
Colour Palette(s) Used
1 Non-Combat BE Enhancement
Any further notes, such as gender restrictions

There are a few items included within this catalogue that require an Armoursmith to craft. They are included as Phendrena is also a Master Armoursmith. Not all Tailors will be able to craft the armour items. These items are clearly described.

The Clothing Boutique – Shop Location

Master Tailors, Phendrena and Primavera