Bio-Engineered Clothing Enhancements

I’ll try and make this as simple and straightforward as I can.

Bio-Engineered (BE) tissues come in two types – Combat and Non-Combat enhancements. Combat tissues are used in the making of enhanced Reinforced Fibre Panels (RFP) and Non-Combat ones in the making of enhanced Synthetic Cloth (SC).

Types of Tissue

Synth Cloth (SC) Tissues – Non-Combat:
  • Enhanced Myoflex (musician/dancer healing skill)
  • Active Biosensors (wound/injury treatment)
  • Active Tranquilizers (taming wild/vicious creatures)
Reinforced Fibre Panel (RFP) Tissues – Combat:
  • Coagulant Agents (bleeding defence)
  • Fear Release (warcry/intimidation bonus)
  • Scent Neutralization (camouflage/maskscent bonus)
  • Mimetic Circuitry ( cover bonus)
  • Tensile Resistance (melee/stun defence bonus)

Not every item of clothing is able to provide a BE Enhanced bonus. I have provided basic information within the clothing catalogue that indicates whether an item is capable of being enhanced, what type of enhancement it will take and how many enhanced cloth slots and item has. Note that available slots is not the same as the amount of tissues used, we will come to that shortly as it is a significant distinction.


I charge a flat rate of 5000cr per tissue used.

It is critical that you understand this. Every item of clothing, indeed everything that it crafted, is made up of various components and each component occupies a slot within the crafting schematic.

Below are a few examples of clothing that can be enhanced along with details of the crafting schematic. Please take a few moments to look over these schematics.

I’m not going to go into detail regarding all of the above, just a few of them to highlight the difference between slots and tissues used.

If we look at the Exquisite Gown you can clearly see that this clothing item has 2 slots for Synthetic Cloth (SC). One slot requires only one portion of Synthetic Sloth while the other slot requires two identical portions of Synthetic Cloth. Assuming that you would like your Exquisite Gown to have a maximum +25 bonus then you will need to use both slots and three portions of Synthetic Cloth (SC).

The number of tissues used in a slot will only provide one bonus. If your enhanced cloth has a bonus of +17 and the amount of cloth needed in that slot is six it will not provide anything other than a +17 bonus – one slot, one bonus. You need two slots of the same type to provide a maximum +25 bonus.

Lets have a quick look at the Paramilitary Camos. These pants are one of several items that can take both types of enhanced cloth as there is one slot using one tissue for combat (RFP) and one slot using two tissues for the non-combat (SC) enhancement. So while this item can take both enhanced tissue types it will not provide a maximum +25 bonus.

Hopefully, you have an understanding of how slots and tissues work. On the next page I will provide you with a complete list of clothing that can accept enhanced cloth, how many slots an item has and also how many tissues each slot requires. This will help you to better understand how much an item will cost when ordering.